Digital Forensics

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Digital evidence is present in nearly all types of investigations conducted today. How you respond and what steps are taken can make a considerable difference in the outcome of your case. It is important to understand that properly handling these matters requires specialized expertise that goes far beyond normal data analysis and collection traditionally performed by end-users or IT professionals.

One of the biggest mistakes organizations make is not consulting with a digital forensic expert soon enough. Our team will ensure that your digital investigation is handled in a thorough and defensible manner with services such as:

  • Employment & Non-Compete Disputes
  • Cyber Investigations and Computer Forensics
  • Incident Response
  • eDiscovery
  • Intellectual Property Theft Investigations
  • Litigation Support and Disputes
  • Regulatory Investigations

Our Investigation May Show Evidence that the Suspect

  • Attached external storage drives such as USB devices. We can then compare the time stamps of when the USB device was attached to file access times of suspect file (IP) on the hard-drive
  • Accessed personal email such as web based email or web based personal storage (cloud storage) and correlate those access times to file access times on the computer.
  • Remotely accessed the suspect computer or company server
  • Printed relevant documents to the company’s printer
  • Accessed the company’s internal network with a personal computer while onsite
  • Utilized Anti-forensic techniques to hide their tracks such as a wiping program
  • Communicated with other suspects or with a potential employer/competitor on or about the time of the IP theft.
  • Utilized packet capturing software

Other Forensics services