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Welcome to Mjolnir Security
You need Mjolnir - The mighty hammer of Thor to defend your infrastructure.

Welcome to Mjolnir Security

At these testing times you need the Mjolnir – the mighty hammer of THOR to defend your cybersecurity.

Threat Intelligence Feeds
Threat Intelligence Feeds

Feeds or a secure sharing portal. Everything you need when you need it.

Digital Forensics & Incident Response
Digital Forensics & Incident Response

With MTTR of under 15 mins, you can relax with us

Malware Defense
Malware Defense

Providing signatures for 0 Day Malwares, protection in under 6 hours


More reasons for loving Mjolnir Security


One shield that will provide maximum coverage across all your endpoints


Our strategically located operations centers provide round the clock 24×7 monitoring and protection.


Why wait to learn cyber security lessons the hard way, learn and improve your security posture from attacks on others.

OSINT and HUMINT Integration

We utilize 300+ open source feeds and 40+ commercial feeds apart from running our own Malware Analysis Labs, Darknet threat intelligence platforms, OSINT and HUMINT practice.

Threat Intelligence Feeds

Our Threat Intelligence Feed sharing solution is designed for collecting, storing, distributing and sharing cyber security indicators and threat about cyber security incidents analysis and malware analysis.

Threat Validation

The secret to understanding the wealth of information contained within your network data comes from your ability to leverage threat intelligence. True threat intelligence requires an expert team that understands the behaviors of the latest threats and helps you identify the attacks, vulnerabilities, and targeted systems in your network.

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Torii Botnet

Security researchers at Avast have discovered a new malware strain that uses comes with a quite rich set of features for exfiltration of (sensitive) information, modular architecture capable of [...]

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