The Business Problem

The cost of security breaches and other cyber threats ranges in the hundreds of billions per year worldwide. Sensitive data breaches, malware, online identity theft and cyber-attacks are just some of the common events that menace the stability and the business of medium and large companies all over the world. Standard web and social media monitoring cannot cope with the size of these potential threats, coming from a hidden source where illegal behaviour is less likely to be detected and taken care of.

The Deep Web and Darknet make up 5-10% of the overall Internet, and should be treated as just one more source of information to be monitored. Accessing these online areas is another challenge. Only with the Mjolnir’s team of experts and advanced tools behind you, you will be able to scour the Deep Web and Darknet to find specific threats to your business, saving you from third party breaches, insider threat, fraud, and more.

Use Case # 1 : Identify Criminals Targeting You or Your Clients Earlier

Whether looking for a particular skill set or an insider with necessary internal access to the target, at some point cyber criminals will discuss the target within the Deep & Dark Web. And if the actor is successful in breaching the target and exfiltrating data, that information is oftentimes subsequently advertised for sale on the Deep & Dark Web. Thus, if the target (through Mjolnir Security) is itself monitoring the Deep & Dark Web effectively, the security team can be much more proactive in mitigating a compromise due to earlier breach awareness.

Use Case # 2 : Learn Attacker TTPs and Disrupt the Cycle Before You Are Compromised

It is frequently observed that cyber criminals discuss the latest Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (TTPs) for defrauding Financial Institutions. By monitoring this intelligence, security teams can learn attacker techniques as they are being developed and not need to wait until a breach to retrieve Indicators of Compromise. This data provides the opportunity to modify protective mechanisms in advance.

With our extensive reach, we are able to find a lot of strategic information

Watch this space for updates from our latest Darknet Survey.


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