Trickbot Malware Infections Run Rampant Across Canada, Are You At Risk?

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Trickbot Malware Basics For The Banking and Corporate Entities of Canada

Trickbot Malware Infection: Where to Begin

Trickbot is Trojan malware created in 2016 specifically designed to harvest the banking information of the computers it infects. It targets not just individual computers, but also large banking and digital payment corporations, giving bad actors access to highly sensitive banking information. Financial institutions including Canadian banks, cash apps, and companies that provide cryptocurrency wallets are especially vulnerable to trickbot infection and should be addressed before it’s too late.

This kind of malware is spread through your systems by an unsuspecting person clicking on a malicious email link, which then deploys ransomware and potentially infects your entire system. One clever email that appears to be from a trusted source can put your entire company’s banking and financial information at risk. As the criminals of the darkest corners of the internet become more advanced in their tactics, every second matters when addressing the potentially catastrophic consequences of being infected with this malware.

Trickbot Malware: Know The Risks To Your Business

Trickbot has proven to be highly effective at harvesting online banking information including login information of bank accounts, but also proving to be capable of monitoring and skimming system administrator’s information for key network and domain access. A trickbot attack can be precise in targeting a single individual, or broad, with entire fleets of computers being targeted in one attack. This malware is also able to infect and control multiple computers in a system, creating what is often referred to as a “bot net,” or a web of infected computers that can be controlled simultaneously for malicious purposes.

This “trojan” has no simple solutions, as this malicious software spreads incredibly quickly, infecting computers without offering any warning signs. There have even been attempts to take down the entire trickbot network by the American government, with very limited success.

Trickbot Malware: What IT Professionals Should Know

IT professionals working for large corporations are faced with the issue that trickbot can evolve with new and malicious features being added over time. System administrators won’t even know that their networks are infected. Admins will likely only see peculiar web traffic throughout their system that include attempts to connect directly with suspicious IP addresses and external domains.

When a system administrator realizes their network is infected, hundreds of passwords can be harvested and passed along to digital criminals, running the risk of funds being redirected to a criminal’s accounts. The financial consequences can be massive, and large leaks of private information can harm the reputation of your business and bring productivity to a halt.

Infection from trickbot can lead to other problems within a large network, potentially creating backdoors for remote system access, infecting computers with even more malware, and generally compromising the integrity of entire networks and systems.

Trickbot Malware: How To Address a Potential Attack

Addressing a trickbot infection is incredibly complex as each individual computer must be disconnected from a network and subsequently cleaned of any infection. The entire process can eat up huge amounts of time for entire IT teams, and one misstep can lead to the reinfection of computers that had already been cleaned and restored. One of the best ways to address these types of malware infections is through preventative measures and anti-viral software, identifying potential issues before your network is compromised.

Trickbot Malware: Solutions Provided by Mjolnir Security

Mjolnir Security is able to track the movement of trickbot malware across the globe, identifying potential infections of individual computers or large corporations. Oftentimes, Mjolnir Security can identify victims of these malware attacks weeks, or sometimes months before they themselves notice any issues. We maintain large databases that plot the movements of this malware, identifying more than 20,000 infections in the province of Ontario alone.

Our proprietary intelligence tool (MTAC), alongside the cybersecurity professionals of Mjolnir Security, can predict and analyze whether your system is infected before this malware causes even more harm.

Here’s what we have seen in the last year:

Learn how to address the complications tied to a trickbot attack and protect your company’s sensitive banking information before it is in the hands of the wrong person. Contact us directly to learn more about available solutions for corporations including banking institutions, corporate entities, universities, and so much more.

Written by: Mjolnir Security

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