Mjolnir Threat Intelligence Feeds and Portal

Mjolnir Threat Intelligence (MTI) helps business to adapt to a world where cybersecurity threats are often targeted and stealthy. By offering information gathered from more than 7500 sensors and growing, this service provides organizations with better overview of the threat landscape, helps them to predict and prevent attacks before they happen and offers those data for a more effective and efficient incident diagnosis in post-attack phase.

This unique knowledge strengthens not just the security of the business itself but can be used to protect their end users as well. Based on the needs of the organization, Mjolnir systems and experts can generate custom botnet and targeted malware reports based on YARA rules, phishing reports or offer real time data feeds in STIX/TAXII format, which can be seamlessly integrated into existing SIEM tools.

Merger & Acquisition Threat Intelligence Service

A derivative of the Threat Intelligence Service, the M&A offering focuses on a specific acquisition target (or targets), and attempts to identify potential risks that could affect the negotiated price or projected costs from an acquisition. The M&A service can also compare the acquisition target against a set of similar companies in an effort to develop comparisons and contrasts relating to economic and business risk scenarios.

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