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todayMarch 28, 2020

Case Study Mjolnir Security

Attack Type – Exploitation of novel / 0-day vulnerability

Scenario: Org2 is a specialist technology company based in the UK. The Org2 IT security operations team responded to an alert from its corporate anti-virus provider that a copy of password stealing malware had been found on three of its domain controllers. This was a serious incident, and an investigation [...]

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Incident S.O.S

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Are you facing any of these symptoms?

check Your security software has been disabled or compromised.

check Files have been deleted, or contents have changed without your involvement.

check You have received a Blackmail email demand.

check Your network has been attacked or there is presence of a ransomware.

check Unusual inbox activity such as sent mails, read messages, no incoming emails.Unusual inbox activity such as sent mails, read messages, no incoming emails.

check Email account access from unexpected IP address.

check Your contacts inform that they have received strange emails from you.

check Intellectual property theft: Theft of trade secrets or other sensitive information.

check Financial crime such as payment card data theft, illicit ACH/EFT cash transfers, extortion and ransomware.

check Personally identifiable information (PII) related incidents such as exposure of information used to uniquely identify individuals.

check Exposure or breach of Protected Health Information (PHI).

check Employees performing suspicious or malicious activities that require investigation.