Qakbot Takes Center Stage: A Deep Dive into the Latest Malware Threats and How Mjolnir Security Protects Your Business

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For years, Mjolnir Security’s team of Intelligence analysts has diligently monitored malware and cyber threats impacting Canadian businesses and infrastructure. Recently, we’ve noticed a shift in the malware landscape, with Emotet and Trickbot taking a step back as Qakbot emerges as a dominant threat. In this blog post, we will provide a brief overview of Emotet, Trickbot, and the threat actor groups associated with them, followed by a detailed analysis of Qakbot and the ransomware groups that utilize it, such as Blackbasta. We’ll also discuss how Mjolnir Security’s expert tracking capabilities can identify victims before they’re even aware of the breach.

Emotet and Trickbot: A Brief Overview

Emotet was once a formidable banking Trojan that later evolved into a powerful malware distribution platform, often used to deliver other malware, such as Trickbot. Known for its ability to spread via malicious email attachments, Emotet was typically associated with the TA542 threat actor group.

Trickbot, another banking Trojan, gained notoriety for its modular architecture and flexibility, allowing it to perform various malicious activities, including stealing banking credentials and facilitating ransomware attacks. Trickbot has been linked to multiple threat actor groups, such as the Wizard Spider and the Ryuk ransomware gang.

Qakbot: The Emerging Threat

Qakbot, a highly sophisticated banking Trojan, has recently taken the spotlight as the new go-to tool for cybercriminals. Like Emotet and Trickbot, Qakbot is designed to steal banking credentials but has expanded its repertoire to deliver ransomware, such as the infamous Blackbasta ransomware. Qakbot is known for its persistence, worm-like spreading capabilities, and ability to evade detection.

Blackbasta, a ransomware group leveraging Qakbot, targets businesses and organizations, encrypting their data and demanding ransom payments in exchange for the decryption keys. This dangerous combination has caused significant disruption and financial losses for victims in the US and Canada.

Mjolnir Security: Your First Line of Defense

At Mjolnir Security, our cutting-edge monitoring and tracking technology enables us to identify potential victims before they even realize they’ve been compromised. Our daily histogram showcases malware trends and spread over the last month, allowing clients to stay informed and vigilant against emerging threats.

Don’t leave your organization’s security to chance. Reach out to Mjolnir Security today to safeguard your business against evolving malware threats and ensure your data remains protected.

Curious about where the victims are? Check out the map below:


As malware threats continue to evolve, staying ahead of the curve is essential for businesses and organizations. By understanding the latest trends and partnering with a trusted security provider like Mjolnir Security, you can minimize the risk of falling victim to these increasingly sophisticated cyber threats.

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