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todayMarch 28, 2020

Case Study Mjolnir Security

Attack Type – Exploitation of novel / 0-day vulnerability

Scenario: Org2 is a specialist technology company based in the UK. The Org2 IT security operations team responded to an alert from its corporate anti-virus provider that a copy of password stealing malware had been found on three of its domain controllers. This was a serious incident, and an investigation [...]

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Case Study Mjolnir Security todayJune 8, 2019

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An insider threat is an organization worst nightmare, as the insider has the full knowledge of the crown jewels and is trusted implicitly. Any accidental or malicious act by an employee can potentially lead to catastrophic incidents that threaten a company’s brand and reputation. For this organization, senior management had suspicions about an employee accessing documents of confidential nature.

Mjolnir Security was asked to perform a forensic analysis of the employee’s machine. The results were startling: In addition of the gross misuse of the provided company machine, the employee had accessed critical Intellectual Property (IP) for malicious purposes.

With the swift identification of the full nature of the crime by Mjolnir Security, the organization was able to take the necessary steps in order to prevent the dissemination of the IP to competitors and implement security controls to minimize future similar risks.

Written by: Mjolnir Security

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