Mjolnir Security’s SOC as a Service: Thwarting Insider Threats with UEBA and Digital Forensics

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Executive Summary:

Mjolnir Security, a leading provider of Security Operations Center (SOC) as a service, played a crucial role in identifying and mitigating a significant data breach in a multinational corporation. By leveraging User and Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA) and Digital Forensics, Mjolnir Security was able to identify a rogue employee responsible for stealing sensitive data over a 12-month period. This case study highlights the effectiveness of Mjolnir Security’s SOC as a service in detecting and addressing insider threats.

Company Background:

The client, a multinational corporation with a diverse product portfolio, required robust security solutions to protect its valuable intellectual property and customer data. They engaged Mjolnir Security to implement a comprehensive SOC as a service for real-time monitoring and threat detection.


Over a 12-month period, the client experienced a series of data breaches that led to the loss of sensitive information. While initial investigations pointed to external threat actors, Mjolnir Security suspected an insider threat based on the nature of the data accessed and the security measures in place.


Mjolnir Security employed a combination of UEBA and Digital Forensics to identify the rogue employee responsible for the data breaches.

  1. UEBA: Mjolnir Security utilized advanced machine learning algorithms to analyze the user behavior and patterns within the organization. By establishing a baseline for normal behavior, the system flagged any anomalies that deviated from the established patterns. This allowed Mjolnir Security to detect the unauthorized access and data exfiltration.
  2. Digital Forensics: Mjolnir Security’s team of digital forensics experts conducted a thorough investigation of the compromised systems, including the analysis of logs, artifacts, and other digital evidence. This enabled them to establish a timeline of events, trace the source of the breach, and identify the rogue employee.


The combination of UEBA and Digital Forensics led to the successful identification of the rogue employee, who had been stealing sensitive data for over a year. The employee was a high-ranking executive with privileged access to the company’s systems, allowing them to bypass traditional security measures. Mjolnir Security’s SOC as a service provided the necessary tools to uncover this insider threat, leading to the employee’s dismissal and the implementation of stricter access controls.


Mjolnir Security’s SOC as a service, combined with UEBA and Digital Forensics, proved instrumental in identifying and mitigating a significant insider threat within the client’s organization. This case study showcases the importance of implementing comprehensive security solutions to protect against both external and internal threats. By employing Mjolnir Security’s SOC as a service, companies can gain the necessary visibility, analytics, and expertise to safeguard their valuable assets and information.

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