Mjolnir Security’s Effective Incident Response to an Insider Threat in North America’s Oil and Gas Industry

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In 2022, a North American-based oil and gas organization faced a sophisticated insider threat that posed a significant risk to its operations. The attacker, collaborating with hacktivist groups, aimed to target specific oil rig sites. Mjolnir Security was brought in to provide a comprehensive incident response service, conducting a compromise assessment on over 4,000 employees and monitoring user behavior to detect exfiltration activities. This case study outlines how Mjolnir Security effectively addressed this threat and secured the organization’s infrastructure.


The oil and gas organization discovered suspicious activities and data breaches targeting its oil rig sites. Upon investigation, they realized that an insider, in collaboration with hacktivists, was responsible for the attacks. Mjolnir Security was immediately contracted to conduct a thorough compromise assessment and determine the extent of the breach.

Compromise Assessment

Mjolnir Security initiated a comprehensive compromise assessment, examining the organization’s entire workforce of over 4,000 employees. The assessment aimed to identify exfiltration activities and monitor user behavior to pinpoint the source of the security breach.

Mjolnir Security employed cutting-edge tools and techniques to analyze user activity, network traffic, and endpoint behavior. They integrated advanced threat intelligence to create a baseline of normal behavior patterns and identify anomalies in employee activities. This process involved scrutinizing the organization’s email systems, file transfers, cloud services, and other communication channels to detect potential data exfiltration.

Identification of the Insider Threat

Through meticulous analysis, Mjolnir Security identified patterns of unauthorized access and document exfiltration. This led to the discovery of the insider threat, a disgruntled employee who had been collaborating with hacktivist groups to target the organization’s oil rig sites. This individual had been leveraging their access to sensitive information to plan and execute cyberattacks, aiming to disrupt the company’s operations and cause significant damage to the oil and gas infrastructure.

Containment and Mitigation

Once the insider threat was identified, Mjolnir Security swiftly took steps to contain the breach and prevent further exfiltration. The employee’s access credentials were revoked, and all compromised accounts were secured. Mjolnir Security then assisted the organization in implementing robust security measures to mitigate the risk of future attacks.

These measures included:

  1. Enhancing access control policies to limit the scope of insider threats.
  2. Implementing strict authentication processes and regular audits of user access.
  3. Conducting ongoing employee security awareness training to minimize the risk of social engineering attacks.
  4. Deploying advanced network security solutions, including intrusion detection and prevention systems, to monitor network activity and detect anomalies in real-time.


Mjolnir Security’s incident response service proved invaluable in identifying and addressing the insider threat facing the North American oil and gas organization. By conducting a comprehensive compromise assessment, Mjolnir Security was able to identify the source of the security breach, contain the threat, and implement robust security measures to prevent future attacks. This case study demonstrates the critical importance of proactive and effective incident response strategies in protecting valuable assets and maintaining the security of an organization’s infrastructure.

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