Mirai strikes again with Okiru – First malware in history for ARC CPU

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Everyone remembers how much fun with Mirai was and then a few months ago we had Satori variant. Despite the original creators of Mirai being being arrested and jailed, the source code was released to public and thus the variants continue to spread.

Security researchers from Malware Must Die have found an ARC core (risc base) processor targeted #Mirai (#Okiru type) ELK Linux Malware targeting IoT devices.

ARC (Argonaut RISC Core) embedded processor is the world’s second-most-popular CPU core that’s being shipped in more than 2 billion products every year, including cameras, mobile, utility meters, televisions, flash drives, automotive and the Internet of Things.

IoTs are currently being deployed in a large variety of devices throughout your home, businesses, hospitals, and even cities (smart cities), but they’re routinely being hacked and used as cyber weapons due to lack of stringent security measures and insecure encryption mechanisms.

Interestingly only 9/59 AV companies have a signature right now.

We only have the hash for indicators of compromise, keep watching the space for updates:

SHA256: 98b05f4bcf4fb9488dd0d38d5559e5ee5d32f924de79a4db48e1ed2b25be761a
File name: mirai.okiru-dldr-mips.mmd


There is a generic okiru Yara rule available here: https://github.com/unixfreaxjp/rules/blob/master/malware/MALW_Mirai_Okiru_ELF.yar

/* Yara rule to detect Mirai Okiru generic 
   This Yara ruleset is under the GNU-GPLv2 license (http://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl-2.0.html) 
   and  open to any user or organization, as long as you use it under this license.

private rule is__Mirai_gen7 {
		description = "Generic detection for MiraiX version 7"
		reference = "http://blog.malwaremustdie.org/2016/08/mmd-0056-2016-linuxmirai-just.html"
		author = "unixfreaxjp"
		org = "MalwareMustDie"
		date = "2018-01-05"

        	$st01 = "/bin/busybox rm" fullword nocase wide ascii
        	$st02 = "/bin/busybox echo" fullword nocase wide ascii
        	$st03 = "/bin/busybox wget" fullword nocase wide ascii
        	$st04 = "/bin/busybox tftp" fullword nocase wide ascii
        	$st05 = "/bin/busybox cp" fullword nocase wide ascii
        	$st06 = "/bin/busybox chmod" fullword nocase wide ascii
		$st07 = "/bin/busybox cat" fullword nocase wide ascii

        	5 of them

private rule is__elf {

		author = "@mmorenog,@yararules"
		$header = { 7F 45 4C 46 }

		$header at 0

rule Mirai_Okiru {
		description = "Detects Mirai Okiru MALW"
		reference = "https://www.reddit.com/r/LinuxMalware/comments/7p00i3/quick_notes_for_okiru_satori_variant_of_mirai/"
		date = "2018-01-05"

		$hexsts01 = { 68 7f 27 70 60 62 73 3c 27 28 65 6e 69 28 65 72 }
		$hexsts02 = { 74 7e 65 68 7f 27 73 61 73 77 3c 27 28 65 6e 69 }
		// noted some Okiru variant doesnt have below function, uncomment to seek specific x86 bins
    // $st07 = "iptables -F\n" fullword nocase wide ascii
    		all of them
		and is__elf
		and is__Mirai_gen7
		and filesize < 100KB 
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