With MTTR of under 15 mins, you can relax with us

Cyber-incident response planning is an activity that must be part of a comprehensive cyber-security strategy. Incident response planning should be prioritized based on the types of risks the firm is most likely to face, in addition to those that have the potential for the greatest impact upon the firm, its relationships, and its reputation.

Integrating Threat Intelligence, Big Data Analytics & Endpoint security for faster correlation and mitigation we can help you in reducing Mean Time To Detect to under 5 mins and Mean Time To Respond to under 10 mins.

Emergency Drop In Incident Response

Worried you have an intruder in your systems? Got a ransomware infection you can’t fix? Get in touch with us now.

Our proprietary tools give us File System and Process analysis integrated with Threat Intel to aid in faster Incident Response by identifying threats instantly.

Keep Track of everything that happens on your network or what an adversary is doing to you

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