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todayMay 2, 2024

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Unlocking Awareness: Safeguard Your Digital Keys Against INC Ransomware Threats

INC Ransomware is a sophisticated cybercriminal group targeting organizations through complex cyberattacks. Here’s an explanation of their typical attack sequence and tactics designed for a non-technical audience in a business context: The sequence described utilizes various tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) identified in the MITRE ATT&CK framework, which is a ...

todayMarch 6, 2024

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Cobalt Strike: Understanding the Tool That Has Become a Staple in the Cyber Attacker’s Arsenal

Introduction In the realm of cybersecurity, the name “Cobalt Strike” often surfaces in discussions about sophisticated cyber attacks. It is a tool that has gained notoriety for its use in high-profile breaches and has become a term intertwined with the activities of threat actors. This blog post delves into the ...

News Mjolnir Security / March 2, 2024

AI Security Assessment

Overview: AI Security Assessment involves a comprehensive evaluation of the security measures surrounding AI systems to protect against cyber threats like adversarial attacks, data poisoning, and model theft. Key Features: Benefits to the Organization: Why Should an Organization Take the Services: Our Approach: How to Engage Mjolnir (Next Steps):

todayFebruary 29, 2024

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Unlocking the Digital Evidence: The Power of eDiscovery Consulting with Mjolnir Security

In an age where digital communication forms the backbone of most business operations, the ability to sift through vast amounts of electronic data to find crucial evidence has become a cornerstone of legal proceedings. Mjolnir Security stands at the forefront of this digital frontier, offering specialized eDiscovery consulting services that ...

todayFebruary 26, 2024

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Mjolnir Shield

Overview Mjolnir Security’s Post-Incident Response Restoration Service is designed to assist organizations in efficiently recovering from cybersecurity incidents. By focusing on rebuilding and enhancing IT, network, and security infrastructures, Mjolnir Security ensures that businesses not only return to their operational status quickly but also emerge stronger and more resilient against ...

todayNovember 5, 2023

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Unraveling the Web of Sock5Systemz: Amadey and PrivateLoader Malware Revealed

In the realm of cyber threats, two names have emerged in recent times that have been causing a stir in the cybersecurity community: Amadey and PrivateLoader. Both are associated with a sophisticated malware called “Sock5Systemz”. In this post, we delve deep into the mechanics of these malwares, their Tactics, Techniques, ...

todaySeptember 22, 2023

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Mjolnir Security: Your Shield in the Cloud

Cloud Security Assessment is a comprehensive cybersecurity service offered by specialized firms to assess and enhance the security of an organization’s cloud infrastructure. With the increasing adoption of cloud services, it has become crucial for businesses to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of their data and applications in the ...

todayJuly 21, 2023

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Unraveling the Veil of Cyber Attacks: How Mjolnir Security Safeguards the Digital Realm

Introduction: In today’s digital landscape characterized by an unprecedented degree of interconnectivity, global society is more susceptible to cyber threats than ever before. The escalating sophistication and frequency of cyber attacks necessitate a stronger emphasis on cybersecurity measures across organizations. Mjolnir Security emerges as a stalwart safeguard in this landscape, ...

todayJuly 5, 2023

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Understanding Qakbot, Cobalt Strike, and Their Impact on Canadian Businesses: Insights from Mjolnir Security

In today’s digital era, cyber threats have become more potent and pervasive, impacting individuals and businesses across the globe. Two such prevalent threats are Qakbot and Cobalt Strike, both of which have wreaked havoc in the Canadian business landscape. In this blog post, we delve into what these threats are, ...