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todayMarch 28, 2020

Case Study Mjolnir Security

Attack Type – Exploitation of novel / 0-day vulnerability

Scenario: Org2 is a specialist technology company based in the UK. The Org2 IT security operations team responded to an alert from its corporate anti-virus provider that a copy of password stealing malware had been found on three of its domain controllers. This was a serious incident, and an investigation [...]

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Blank Slate Campaign Takes Advantage of Hosting Providers to Spread Ransomware

Malware + Ransomware Mjolnir Security todayMarch 14, 2017

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In recent months, Palo Alto Networks has been tracking a malicious spam (malspam) campaign using emails with no message content and an attached zip archive to spread ransomware. They have nicknamed this campaign “Blank Slate” because the malspam messages are blank with nothing to explain the malicious attachments.

Read their detailed analysis here:


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