Analysis of Malware Used in Watering-Hole Attacks Against Polish Financial Institutions

News + Financial Mjolnir Security todayFebruary 11, 2017 4

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Cyber4Sight has analyzed the malware distributed via the compromised Polish Financial Supervision Authority webpage and used in targeted attacks against a number of large banks and telecommunication companies.

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FileHash-MD5 9cc6854bc5e217104734043c89dc4ff8
FileHash-MD5 e29fe3c181ac9ddbb242688b151f3310
FileHash-MD5 9914075cc687bdc352ee136ac6579707
FileHash-MD5 9216b29114fb6713ef228370cbfe4045
FileHash-MD5 5994a8fd8c68dd1cc51ce7ca0d9c2749
FileHash-MD5 40e698f961eb796728a57ddf81f52b9a
FileHash-MD5 889e320cf66520485e1a0475107d7419
FileHash-MD5 25200d3fe30785f3c90a91faf8ebf1b5

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