About Us

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The growing implications of cyber-attacks, breaches, or incidents on businesses have elevated the importance of Information Security in corporate strategy, planning, and daily operations. The high costs of addressing security incidents reactively, along with the potential consequences of client, financial, and reputational damage, make effective and efficient management crucial. As businesses increasingly diversify and expand their digital channels to engage with customers, employees, and stakeholders, they inadvertently expose themselves to a greater risk of targeted cyber-attacks, technology vulnerabilities, and human error.

Moreover, businesses face the challenge of adhering to a growing number of regulations and standards that require diverse and rigorous compliance and reporting measures. Striking the right balance between seizing opportunities and mitigating security risks has become increasingly complex for organizations.

Mjolnir offers clients a comprehensive suite of advanced, AI/ML-driven cybersecurity tools and services, including Security Operations Center as a Service, Threat Detection, Dark Web Threat Intelligence, Digital Forensics, Threat Analysis, Incident Response services, and Cybersecurity Training.

Catering to both corporate and public sectors, Mjolnir specializes in supporting law enforcement agencies and conducts tailored training sessions for Cyber Teams across Canada.

As a 100% Canadian-owned and operated company, Mjolnir comprises a dedicated, knowledgeable, and trusted team of security professionals. Established in 2017, our leadership team brings over a century of collective experience in providing solutions to both large enterprises and small businesses. Our expertise spans various industries, such as Energy, Utilities, Mining, Transportation, Telecom, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Military, and Government, covering everything from Fortune 500 companies to family-owned businesses.

At Mjolnir, we’re passionate about enabling the success of your operations.